Stapleton Development Corporation

Stapleton Design, Inc.

Stapleton Design, Inc.oversees the Stapleton Design Review Process and is governed by the Design and Architectural Declaration.


Established by (CC&R’s) recorded by “Declarant” Stapleton Development Corporation.

Board of Directors
  • Jim Chrisman 
  • Lisa Hall 
  • David Hart
  • Happy Haynes
  • Michael Kearns
  • John Lehigh
  • Lisa Hall, Chair
  • John Lehigh, Vice -Chair  
  • Tammi T. Holloway, General Counsel
Stapleton Design Review Committee

Appointed by the Stapleton Design, Inc. Board, the Stapleton Design Review Committee (SDRC) consists of 5 members who specialize in architecture and urban design, two of which are Stapleton residents, and one representative from the Stapleton Citizens Advisory Board.  The SDRC has the authority to review and approve all development at Stapleton, and all property at Stapleton shall be subject to the design review process.

Committee Members

  • Mark Broyles
  • Merina Irfano
  • Phil Flores (CAB)
  • Mark Johnson ~ Chair
  • Nathan Sciarra


  • Lori Kerr